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Allegheny County, Age-Friendly Community Index Map

Map Navigation: Toggle between individual Domain layers in the Legend to display Percentile rankings.  Type in an address or place name in the "Find Address or place" box to zoom directly to a location or use the home button or plus and minus signs in the menu bar on the left to navigate.  Left click on a specific Census Tract for a pop-up window of Domain and indicator variable rankings for the currently selected Domain.  View a table of Domain Indicators below.

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Age-Friendly Community Indicator Variables

Indicator * Metric **
· Pedestrian intersection density · Pedestrian accessibility
· Total pedestrian crashes per street mile · Street safety
· Park acres per square mile · Access to public open space
· Percent vacant private residences · Neighborhood quality
· Average homicide rate · Public safety
Indicator * Metric **
TRANSPORT  (Domain 2 of 5)
· Average transit ridership (bus) per square mile · Public transit usage
· Aggregate frequency public transit service (all) per square mile · Transit accessibility
· Transit costs (all) as a percent of income · Transportation burden
· Percent 1 and 2+ auto households · Automobile ownership
· National Walkability Index · Streets walkable to work and recreation destinations
Indicator * Metric **
HOUSING  (Domain 3 of 5)
· Housing costs (all) as a percent of income · Housing burden
· Median year householder moved into unit (renter/owner) · Housing stability
· Percent of housing below median housing age in Allegheny County · Availability of newer housing
· Percent one story houses · Availability of accessible housing
· Number of assisted living facilities within a 30-minute drive · Housing alternatives
Indicator * Metric **
COMMUNITY SERVICE  (Domain 4 of 5)
· Emergency care facilities within a 15-minute drive · Proximity of emergency care
· Primary care physicians´ offices within a 30-minute drive · Healthcare availability
· Grocery stores within a 15-minute drive · Food environment
· Residential aged care within a 15-minute drive · Elderly support
· Senior Dependency Ratio · Ratio of working population supporting senior (retired) population
Indicator * Metric **
· Senior Centers, libraries, and recreation facilities within a 15-minute drive · Access to senior support and recreation
· Households with internet access · Broadband connectivity
· Percent of registered voters who voted in the 2020 election · Community involvement
· Percent over age 65 actively employed · Workforce participation
· Religious organizations within a 15-minute drive · Access to social and religious communities

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